Gel Electrophoresis Market Analysis by Size, Share, Key Drivers, Growth Opportunities and Trends

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Gel Electrophoresis Market

Gel Electrophoresis market report would come in handy to understand your competitors and give you an insight about sales; volumes, revenues in the Gel Electrophoresis industry, assists in making strategic decisions. It helps to decide corporate, product, marketing strategy. It reduces the risks involved in making decisions as well as strategies for companies and individuals interested in the Gel Electrophoresis industry. Both established and new players in Gel Electrophoresis industry can use report to understand the market. Industry experts project Gel Electrophoresis market to grow at a CAGR of 6.89% during the period 2017-2021.

The global laboratory analytical instruments market has shown steady and gradual growth since 2010, with an increase in demand from research facilities and laboratories. Major companies in the healthcare, electronics, and semiconductor industries are expected to increase their R&D expenditure between 2016 and 2021, thereby fueling market growth.

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Gel Electrophoresis Market Trend, Challenge and Driver: –

Gel Electrophoresis Market trend: – Capillary electrophoresis is being increasingly preferred over gel electrophoresis due to its increased advantages. For instance, earlier, DNA sequencing products were separated using polyacrylamide gels that were manually poured between two glass plates. Capillary electrophoresis uses a denaturing flowable polymer, thus replacing the use of gel separation techniques to a large extent due to the significant gains in ease of use, workflow, and throughput. Fluorescent-labeled DNA fragments are separated according to molecular weight. Since gels need not be poured with capillary electrophoresis, the DNA sequence analysis can be automated

Gel Electrophoresis Market Challenge: – there are various issues related to the use of gel electrophoresis. Electrophoresis measurements are not usually precise. Gel electrophoresis can effectively separate similar proteins with different weights. It can separate them more precisely through a technique known as 2-D electrophoresis, which is common in proteomics. However, the measurements done during the technique are semi-quantitative. Further, to obtain the precise mass of proteins, mass spectroscopy is employed after the proteins are purified by electrophoresis. Another issue faced after using gel electrophoresis is some degree of error and the need to run samples multiple times to get clean result, while comparing the relative amounts of different molecules relies on the band density (darkness) of the different spots on the gel.

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Gel Electrophoresis Market Driver: – Proteins control various functions of the body. Hence, a defect in a particular protein structure can result in disorders and other health conditions. This has resulted in the development of new and personalized drugs through the identification and study of protein expressions. Personalized medicines have high market demand in oncology therapeutics. Various incentives are also provided by manufacturers for cancer therapies. Many pharmaceutical companies have major plans to shift toward personalized medicines as they involve better patient management.

Key vendors operating in Gel Electrophoresis market space are Agilent Technologies, Bio-Rad Laboratories, GE Healthcare, Thermo Fisher Scientific, SCIEX and many more. A detailed analysis is provided considering bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes, and threat of rivalry. While each vendor’s analysis considers its business segments, organizational developments, geographic focus, segment focus, and key offerings of vendor.

Geographic Segmentation: – Americas, APAC, EMEA

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Report Coverage:

  • Gel Electrophoresis market report provides a comprehensive analysis of the market with the help of up-to-date market opportunities, overview, outlook, challenges, trends, market dynamics, size and growth, competitive analysis, major competitors analysis.
  • Report recognizes the key drivers of growth and challenges of the key industry players. Also, evaluates the future impact of the propellants and limits on the market.
  • Uncovers potential demands in the market.
  • Gel Electrophoresis market report provides in-depth analysis of changing competitive dynamics
  • Provides information on the historical and current market size and the future potential of the market.