Super typhoon after pummeling Philippines now slams into China

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According to recent reports, on Sunday a bigger typhoon made its way to land in China’s Guangdong, this according to reports is considered the most populous city and province within the country. Shortly after causing great and wreaked havoc in Hong Kong and more so in Macau which left around 50 people dead and potentially hundreds injured within the Philippines. According to weather forecast center, the Packing winds which blew at a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour which is equivalent to 125 miles per hour. According to previous reports, tropical cyclone Mangkhut in years is considered as the strongest region to be hit by the strongest typhoon this year and from the weather forecasting center the typhoon is more equivalent to Category 5/ intense hurricane currently experienced in the regions of Atlantic.

However, on Friday, when the Hurricane Florence struck North Carolina in the United States. The forecasters said That the prevailing winds whatsoever were extremely powerful in that the winds exceeded a maximum sustained speed of 150 kilometers per hour 90 miles per hour which is considered extremely high and intense than normal. Southeast Asia’s mangosteen fruit, also referred to as eye of Mangkhut, which is a Thai name which means skirted traveled for 100 km equivalent to 62 miles’ standard measurements to the south of Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the former British colony whatsoever was caught in the middle of this super typhoon’s heavy drops of rain and more so the force winds.

Hong Kong nevertheless, at mid-morning the forecast station reached a maximum signal referred to as No. 10 typhoon signal winds which uprooted countless numbers of trees and more so smashing and destroying office windows and other residential buildings within the city. Elaine Wong what is a resident living on the high-rise of the Kowloon tower said that It drizzling and everything outside was wild for more than two hours. This made him feel so dizzy. However, water levels raised up to 12 feet’s in other places, also the prevailing waves washed live water animals to the land and more so washed up roads within the area.