China considers taking off the road polluting diesel trucks

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According to recent reports, China at the moment is implementing a new plan which reports says is to replace over one million diesel trucks (heavy duty), according to China nearly 20 % of national fleet uses highly emitting engines and that the implementation is to replace this engine with the ones that cleans burnt fuel efficiently. Currently, Beijing is ramping up all sectors on pollution and more so making effort in dealing with potentially heavy blow which faces its oil refiners. Nevertheless, an industry source who spoke to some of the reporters after this meeting, who according to the reports was present during this discussions, according to his position inside the government,  he could not identify himself since he is not as he is not authorized in any way to communicate to the media, said that both environment and transport ministries are currently  proposing that the implementation anticipated should include introducing modern trucks like the electric trucks or also trucks that run on liquefied natural gas to replace vehicles which uses higher grade diesel known as the National Five currently on the road.

However, according to the environment and transport ministries this new policy would take effect from 2020 and that this policy would also be implemented in smoggiest northern regions within the country. However, It was not so clear on when this two ministries would come to a final decision. According to reports, in July, the Ministry of Transport in a statement said that the government wanted to replace about one million trucks within northern China as this was a part of the three-year plan which the government had agreed on. Nevertheless, no details concerning the proposal up to today have been reported. According to the ministry of transport in China, there are over 6 million estimate of heavy duty trucks rolling on China’s roads. In addition to this, the minister of transportation confirmed that two ministries currently are drafting new plan concerning this pollution issue and up to now no detail of any kind concerning this proposal has been disclosed. Ministry of Environment and Ecology however pertaining this issue was not available for any kind of comment.