Didi bear’s ‘unshirkable’ responsible for passenger death, Chinese authorities reports

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Recent reports from Chinese shows that Didi Bear’s ‘unshirkable’ is being accused for the responsibility of a passenger death. This accusations where appealed by the Chinese authorities. This followed after the passenger was raped and killed by one of the drivers.  Considering Didi Chuxing  being the largest ride-hailing firm within China,  this kind of behaviour is not acceptable. According to Chinese authorities, the alleged killings by the Didi Chuxing driver took place in the eastern city of Wenzhou.

Nevertheless, The company in a meeting with both ministries from the nearby port city of Tianjin in Beijing and all other platforms involved in order to perform a complete reform of the platform to ensure safety standards, and protection of the customers and all its works. This was reported recently after the killings by the Xinhua news agency officials. The company in a statement said that by the beginning of November, there will be a new compliance operation which will be inspected by all parties.  This was after the company said it felt pain and more so felt responsible for this act. According to xinhua reports,  this activity will be carried out by the minister concerned by public transport.

However, Earlier yesterday, Didi Chuxing in an interview reported that he will suspend all its Hitch carpooling service starting from 27 August due to this disappointing mistakes, on the meanwhile the company will be reevaluating the company’s product model. From Dida statement, Hitch’s general manager and the company’s vice president in the customer services sector, Huang Jieli and Huang Jinhong respectively have been removed from their positions.

According to reports from the police officers,  the murder victim was identified as Zhao. From the series of events,  Zhao got into the Hitch carpool on Friday and after sometime Zhao sent a text to one of his friends at around 2 p.m. According to the text nature Zhao was seeking for help before his friend lost contact with him.  Zhao was 20 years old. According to reports,  this was the recent violent crimes within this company which raised security concern within the company.