Breaking news: Beijing angry following the British Navy warship sailing near South China islands

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According to recent reports, on Thursday, Beijing expressed deep anger following a British Royal Navy warship sailing near China’s sea islands which currently was owned by China. The sailing by the British Navy warship happened just after late last month when the South China Sea claimed this island. Beijing was angered as they accused Britain of engaging in a provocation which lodged a strong complaint. According to two anonymous sources who were familiar with this matter told the reporters that a 22,000 ton amphibious HMS Albion warship which was carrying a contingent of Royal Marines made a free navigation as it navigated around the Paracel Islands. According to Beijing, this was not acceptable.

However, according to seas authorities on the Paracel Island said that The Albion was not due to dock on China’s island as it was headed to Ho Chi Minh City. From the authorities, the British Royal Navy warship was traced through radar system where it was reported that the warship docked in the city on Monday following the previous deployment which was occurring in and around the Japanese territory. However, One source said that Beijing had dispatched two helicopters and more so a frigate which was used to challenge the British vessel, however, both Beijing and British vessels remained calm on this encounter.

Nevertheless, according to Albion, the other source did not attempt in entering the territorial seas around any region of the tense disputed region, however, this proved that British do not recognize an excessive maritime which was claimed within Paracel Islands. Nevertheless, according to military sailing rules, 20 nautical miles, the speed with which the British Navy warship was sailing on was recognized as an internationally territorial limit. However, The Paracels Island is entirely occupied by China but also other countries like Vietnam and Taiwan still claim this Island. China’s Foreign Ministry on the other hand statement through fax sent to a local media group, said that this ship was considered to have entered the Chinese territorial waters, this was around Paracel Islands on 31st August without any permission of any kind and after China detected it the navy had to warn this vessel to depart from China’s territorial waters.