Breaking News: Japan initiates clean up after typhoon strike kills 11

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According to recent reports, on Wednesday Japan initiates a clean up after a very powerful typhoon killed stormed the cite and killing 11 people, on the other hand, this typhoon left hundreds injured and more so stranded thousands flooded at the airport. Though the airport is expected to reopen soon as it is a tourist hub and an industrial hub. Though this issue is not yet clear on when the airport will be reopening. According to reports, swallow or Typhoon Jebi in Korean was considered a briefly super typhoon and according to records, this was the most powerful Typhoon storm to hit and be experienced in Japan for the last 25 years. This storm was reported and recorded after Japan experienced months of heavy rain, floods, landslides, record-breaking floods and overwhelmed heat that claimed the life of over hundreds of people during this recent summer season.

However, this recent storm caused over  3,000 tourists to be stuck overnight at western Japan, Kansai Airport, this for years have been an important hub for not only companies and firms exporting semiconductors but also a tourist hub since this area is built on a reclaimed land on one of the bay’s near Osaka and which is connected to the mainland directly by a bridge system that was destroyed when a tanker was slammed and smashed over into the bridge during the storm thereby disconnected all the connections to the mainland through land (road transport).

By afternoon it was recorded that many people were rescued and evicted by ferried and ship to the mainland from the airport since this was the only safest way and the quickest way to rescue the trapped people within the bay. Nevertheless, on Tuesday, the puddles were left still standing after they were inundated on the main runway.

One woman among the rescued individuals spoke to NHK public television and said that more than anything else, she needs to take a warm bath. In addition to this, Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary on Wednesday said that about 470 people suffer from injuries. It was however unclear the actual reopening day of the airport and other train and road services.