Restlessness in Kenya over the 16% V.A.T on petroleum

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Kenya is one of the most developed in east Africa country with a population of over 45 million people. The economy of this country depends mostly on agriculture and therefore, petrol matters to them most. With the recent increase of fuel levy by the finance, Cabinet secretary has left not only the country in deep lamentation but in crisis as well.

As reported by the local newspaper nation on date 4, September 2018, “the increase of 16% V.A.T levy on petrol is causing lots of jitters in private sector.  However, according to KRA Commissioner-general John Njiraini “The changes are found in the Financial Act 2013 which prolonged the exemption for three years. Furthermore, the exemption was prolonged by a couple of more years under the Financial Act 2016. Accordingly, the VAT fee on petroleum items has today come into effect.” Above that, He recommended importers, depots, suppliers as well as merchants, such as pump stations, to price, account as well as post profits on the similar to KRA by 20th of the successful thirty day period.

This never went down well, with lots of Kenyans in relation to what is being said on the social media. Here are some of the outrageous thoughts expressed by clients on social media

@ItsMutai: “Kenyans, Let me not be dishonest to you. I would speak it the way it truly is. Uganda and even Tanzania are lying Sh103 as well as Sh100. However, Kenya is spending Sh113 together with govt is combating to ensure it is Sh130. It is thievery. It is robbery @UKenyatta, could it be cartels or even Kenyans? Decide.”

AkwapiKE @AkwapiKE tweeted: “Dear @UKenyatta, would you imply trekking the cost of gasoline is the mere solution to increase the cash needed to finance our budget The very first thing ought to be slashing the MPs

Customers Association @Consumers_Kenya tweeted: “16 percent VAT on petroleum goods is a huge discomfort to the currently intolerable living standards for several. Allow government covers the cracks in tax evasions that are robbing Kenyans millions.”

All in all, it is getting muddy by the day as the nations await the president who is on an official to China to come and resolve the 16% V.A.T standoff between the government and the people.