Nixon, Cuomo argue over who is bigger at NY gubernatorial debate, Trump critic

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According to recent reports, Nixon, Cuomo argued at the gubernatorial debate on who is bigger than the other. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his challenger Cynthia Nixon on Thursday argued over who was the best stauncher opponent of Donald Trump on their only debate which was the last to be held for the battle of the state’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination which is expected to start early next month. This becomes a hotspot considering Cuomo, who is still seeking the sit as governor for a third term, promised the U. S citizen that he would not contest for the U.S. presidency despite expectations from people in 2020 due to this contrary which arose between him and her challenger Cynthia Nixon on Thursday in the gubernatorial debate.

However, her challenger Cynthia Nixon exchanged with him strong points within a span of one hour where Cynthia Nixon tried as much as possible to cast to the governor as much questions and views as possible since Nixon was not only an actor but also an activists and her acting was mainly for the interests of the governor to corporate in his donors campaign. On the other hand, Cuomo defended himself by painting Nixon, who won the  Emmy for being a portrayal lawyer on the HBO show titled Sex and the City where Cuomo referred to Cynthia Nixon as an inexperienced naive on issues about real New York politics.

Nevertheless, Cynthia, on the other hand, came to the debate equipped with not only the statistics but also came to the floor with an array of policy positions like the rent control and transit funding which according to reports governor Cuomo frequently rebuffed the issue as flawed. In this reports by Cynthia Nixon, Governor Cuomo said that Trump was a Republican and more so the greatest threat which the New Yorkers face daily and that this was the greatest danger to the climatic changes and more so an extreme terrorism. In a debate at Hofstra University, Cuomo outlined and criticized Trump for his reluctance of the anti-immigration rhetoric and more so the desire to limit abortion access to women. He went ahead and said that until now no one has ever stood up to Trump as he did.