Syria S-300 offered air defense by Russia following accusations against Israel

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According to recent reports, earlier on Monday Russia said that it will supply an S-300 (surface-to-air) missile system to their ally Syria in the next 2 weeks to come despite the strong Israeli objections. This happened just a week after the Moscow community accused Israel of an indirectly causing which occurred two weeks ago to the shooting downing of a Russian made military jet in Syria. However, just after Russia said it would assist Syria with a surface to air missile, the White House in the reply to this said that they are hoping that Russia will reconsider the move they are making. This according to John Bolton, who is the U.S. National Security Adviser said it was a significant escalation of the seven-years Syria’s war. Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defence Minister during an interview said that Moscow in the past had obliged Israel through refraining by giving Syria an S-300. Nevertheless, last week’s crash, which left 15 Russian service members dead forced the Russian government to take all the adequate retaliatory measures in ensuring all its troops are safe.

In addition to this, he added that this new S-300 modern air defense missile system will be transported to Syrian armed forces in a span of two weeks. According to him, the system significantly will increase capabilities combat of the Syrian army’s. Nevertheless, on Monday, President Vladimir Putin via the phone discussed the decision on the modern air defense missile system transfer with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister. Nevertheless, Russia, which is currently fighting in Syria favor in support of the government against the militants and the rebels said that according to the events which transpired, the Syrian anti-aircraft batteries in their range shot an IL-20 surveillance plane down, this was a mistake. Just after the surveillance plane was brought down, an Israeli jets which was approaching hit a target which was nearby.  Moscow, however, accused Israel for creating drastic and dangerous conditions which according to them could cause the crash.