Women Faced Harassment on Seeking Sperm Donation Online

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26-years-old Sarah from Yorkshire is single but wants to give birth to a baby but without a partner. For this reason, she went online to find a sperm donor but what she received was harassment and pictures of miscarriages.

She said that private treatment was very expensive and going online means you will receive images which you do not want to see.

The website she chose to found a donor was unregulated, BBC learned.

There are strict principles for NHS artificial fertilization which is why the majority of women prefer to go online to found a sperm donor.

One woman while recalling her experience told that a potential donor she interacted with turned out to be married and had had a vasectomy.

A fertility expert suggested that the unregulated sites should be shut down. Online sperm donation is not illegal but it should be done free. However, the expenses are supposed to be paid.

Some online donors offer artificial insemination (AI) and others natural insemination (NI) – effectively unprotected sex with a stranger.

Another couple Kirsti and Danielle, from West Yorkshire,   reported that a donor they found online forced them for NI.

Kirsti told that some people sent her messages of miscarriages and told her that could happen if she opts for AI.

“Actually they try to change your mind about the method so then you have sex with them.”, she said.

The private Registered clinics have a strict screening process for sexually transmitted infections and infectious diseases and check the complete medical history of potential donors.

Alison Lamont, from Newcastle Fertility Centre, said it was becoming difficult for the clinic to find sperm donors.

Fertility expert Dr. Larisa Corda said many people prefer to go online to donate their sperms and that growth was “really alarming”.

She also said that by going online, the women were putting themselves in vulnerable situations.